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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Every facility constructed nowadays must comply with environmental legislation. Combining environmental compatibility and profitability in the production plants is our vital objective.

IPROSUCAR has experience to indicate more efficient processes and equipment that reduce pollutants emission. Furthermore, it has knowledge to treat residuals to add value to the company. We provide our clients environmental protection solutions in accordance with the regulations.


IPROSUCAR is active in the following fields:

• Optimization of water circuits;
• Waste water treatment:
 ü   Waste water pre-treatment plants;
   ü Anaerobic and aerobic waste water purification plants.

• Effluents treatment:
 ü Concentration;
   ü Burning;
   ü Fertilizer formulation.
• Emission control:
 ü   Exhaust air purification plants;
   ü Treatment of exhaust process gas;
   ü Chemical scrubbers and biofilters;
   ü Emissions monitoring.


• Complete plant design with environmental protection solutions.

Environmental Protection

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