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Engenharia de Controle e Automação

Executive Mechanical Engineering


IPROSUCAR calculate and prepare detailed drawings of process equipment, which can be manufactured in factories or directly in the field, especially for sugar and ethanol industrial plants.


• Development of new equipment;
• Equipment for production of sugar and ethanol:
   - Rotary and static sieve mixed juice;
   - Tubular heater (horizontal and vertical);
   - Direct contact heater;
   - Clarifier fast "type SRI";
   - Evaporators type Roberts and Falling film;
   - Multijet and barometric condensers;
   - Flotation of syrup;

   - Equipment for the manufacture of sugar (pan boiler, cristallizer, mixers, etc.);
   - Condenser Evaporative;
   - Dryer / cooler and washer sugar powder;
   - Metalic silos for sugar;
   - Fermentation tanks;
   - Standard API tank and standard ASME pressure vessel;
   - Bucket elevators, belt conveyors and drag.


• Transformation of conventional clarifier in fast clarifier;
• Design of tanks and pressurized equipment;
• Evaporators type Roberts and Falling Film;
• Increased capacity and new dryer / cooler of sugar.

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